Fukasaku of Prince Rupert

About Us

Situated in the beautiful Northwest fishing hub of Prince Rupert, Fukasaku of Prince Rupert is a small 29-seating seafood/sushi restaurant. From seafood to furniture, we are devoted to authentic British Columbian products.


All seafood we use here at Fukasaku is caught right here in the Pacific Ocean.  In other words, we only offer sustainable British Columbian seafood. We are the first sushi restaurant in BC to be 100% certified by Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program. Even more, our strong connection with local fishermen and fisheries allows us to obtain the freshest, highest quality seafood right here in Prince Rupert. Consequently, our seafood travels the minimum amount before it is consumed.



At Fukasaku, we serve real wasabi harvested in Nanaimo. We grate wasabi right before we serve your platter to ensure its freshness and spiciness. Because we believe in the quality of our seafood, we think our seafood deserves to be accompanied with genuine wasabi.
“Think You’ve Been Eating Wasabi All This Time? Think Again” – The Huffington Post


Tables and Chairs

In the dining area, you will see our signature tables and chairs. They were created by Kuma Joinery using BC Cedar. They feature joinery techniques and there are no nails involved. We are so honoured and thrilled to have their labour intensive works of art in our dining room. These tables and chairs are solid, magnificent, and elegant, all while being very comfortable.

Kuma Joinery       Kuma Joinery


Local craft beers – BC VQA Wines – BC Sake

You’ll find a variety of drinks from throughout BC in our drink menu. We have Prince Rupert’s own Wheelhouse Brewery beers along with many other products from breweries in the province. In terms of wine, we only carry BC VQA wine. The BC VQA system guarantees origin and ensures that qualifying wines meet certain minimum quality requirements. We also have sake made by Artisan Sake Maker from  Granville Island. They are the first sake maker in Canada and recently successfully began producing true “Canadian Sake” using 100% BC grown rice.

The Chef

Chef Dai Fukasaku opened the very first complete Oceanwise sushi restaurant in British Columbia, situated in the beautiful Northwest fishing hub of Prince Rupert on November 15th, 2013. Not only adhering to 100% Oceanwise guidelines, Chef Dai exclusively uses B.C. Seafood in his restaurant.

Chef Dai Fukasaku Prince Rupert BC

“I wanted to set an example of what a restaurant could accomplish using only the freshest, sustainably caught seafood from our province”

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Chef Dai first moved to Canada (Gibsons, B.C.) in 2007 to work as a sushi chef. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the local seafood, “ I still remember my excitement when I first dressed a sockeye salmon. To be honest, I was a very skeptical of the quality of frozen salmon, but the salmon proved to me that I was wrong after the first cut.” The following year he moved to Prince Rupert to work at another sushi restaurant.  There he was exposed to even more great British Columbian seafood. “In the last 20 years, I have lived in 13 different towns between 5 different states and provinces within the U.S. and Canada. In all my travels I have not lived in a friendlier or more nature oriented town than here in Prince Rupert.” Since he started working in Prince Rupert, many friendly clients, local fishermen and residents have brought him fresh local staples such as seaweed, pine mushrooms, salmon, sea urchins, shrimp, crab, and more. Some took him on fishing trips while others took him out for sailing/diving tours to show him the beauty of the Northwest. “People are so friendly and deeply connected in this town, I couldn’t think of any other place to open up my first restaurant. Having a restaurant in Prince Rupert allows me to source 75% of my seafood locally and I know where, by whom, and by what method all of my seafood is caught. I am very grateful for the support I’ve received in Prince Rupert, and it’s a pleasure to give back in the best way I know how.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t have any formal culinary training. As a matter of fact, he graduated university with a BA in music. “I studied voice in university. I found much in common between preparing for a piece of music and preparing a platter. You have to know what you are dealing with, express yourself through the song or the ingredients, and entertain your audience when cooking.  I liken myself to a conductor of a symphony or concerto. I always make sure the orchestra is well balanced to support a soloist when there is one. Whether you are conducting good quality performers or preparing the freshest ingredients, you don’t need to try too hard, just let the harmony happen by offering them their very best condition. When handling our great seafood there are three things I make sure of: pay the utmost respect to your ingredients by storing them in their best condition, keep your knife sharp, and keep your cutting board clean at all times.”

When not in the kitchen, Chef Dai loves to hike, kayak, run, golf, and ski around his home in Prince Rupert.


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