Skeena River Prince Rupert BC

Our Friends


Enrae Design

The designer of this website along with our logo, signs, menus and more.

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Tables and Chairs by Kuma Joinery

Kuma Joinery

The creator of our table and chairs. The tables and chairs feature joinery techniques and local cedars.

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Ocean Wise

We are the first complete Ocean Wise sushi restaurant in BC.

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Wheelhouse Brewery

Prince Rupert’s own local brewery. We carry their beers: Gilnetter, Flagship, Black Smith along with their specials.

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Sign by Rapid Gantry

Rapid Gantry

Rapid Gantry made our outside signs, sandwich board, open/close sign and the bathroom signs.

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Artisan Sake

Artisan Sake Maker

We carry their sake, Genshu, Junmai Nama, Nigori, and Sparkling Sake.

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Pacific Coast Wasabi

Pacific Coast Wasabi

Their wasabi add so much richness and flavour to our food.

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The Argosy

The Argorsy

Our generous neighbour antique shop.

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Cowpuccino’s Coffee House

Our friend coffee house in the heart of Prince Rupert. They sell out sushi at the lunch time as well.

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Tourism Prince Rupert

Tourism Prince Rupert/Northern BC Tourism

If you are interested in Prince Rupert or Northern BC, you can gather info here.

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